Graviola Stevia TeaPouch 100 g

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Graviola, popularly known as Soursop is a wonderful gift from the Amazon Rainforests. Graviola is power packed with antioxidants and is many times better than green tea in boosting immunity and shielding one from parasitic and viral infections. It's anti-inflammatory abilities helps to alleviate Lower Back pain and Gout. It has been tried and tested for immediate action on the blood pressure. Graviola is one of the best natural anti-depressant and keeps stress at Bay, giving one a sound sleep, with it's sedative properties. Being a diuretic, cleanses gastro intestinal tract ,helps immensely in detoxification. With it's unique class of metabolites and Acetogenins, it's been projected as the torch bearer in the alternative and other treatments. The wonderful and surprising benefits of Graviola leaves are time tested throughout the global herbal remedies, a sure Healer.