Ayush Natural Cinnamon Sweet Peanut Butter 160 g

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Ayush Natural Cinnamon Sweet Peanut Butter is quite popular amongst both adults and children. This has been an essential butter for millions offamilies for ages together. We now present an excitingly new and natural Cinnamon Sweet Peanut Butter that comes with an irresistible taste having a tinge of herbal sugar. This butter is absolutely authentic, home-made by hand-grinding, without the usage of any hydro-generated oil or artificial preservatives or chemicals. Undisputedly, cinnamon is one of the best anti-oxidants that has been used extensively for centuries duly by the Indian and Chinese medicine for abating cholesterol, improving immunity, and is acceptably good for the skin, bones, hair and teeth. While, herbal sugar is an exclusive first-time discovery that is empowered with premium spices to diminish GI (Glycemic Index) and is a matchless blend for the health conscious genre aswell.